Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

Something incredible happened this summer.  Matt and I were able to go away for a night without kids…twice!  We were lucky enough to go to Lincoln, NH, our favorite place.

We hiked.



Went ziplining.


matt zipliningAnd had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.


Death by Sandwich – this was all Matt!

And when we are up there, we always want to go out for ice cream.  There is an ice cream stand that we walked by that had blueberry cheesecake ice cream.  Matt really wanted it but I wanted to go to the place we have always gone to.  So the second time we went up, Matt still wanted that ice cream.  Because that stand has two locations, I suggested we go to the other one, assuming they would have the blueberry cheesecake ice cream.  Never assume.

And this is where the purpose of this post comes in.  In the latest issue of Food Network Magazine was a recipe for Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream.  Perfect timing to make it to make it up to Matt for not getting the dessert he wanted.

Although this recipe is no-churn, it wasn’t exactly quick to throw together.  There are three different recipes I had to make.  First is the mini cheesecake bites.  You need to make two mini cheesecakes in ramekins and then once frozen, chop them up.

cheesecake pieces

Next is the blueberry swirl/filling.  This had to cook on the stove for about a half an hour to thicken.


Once those two are all set, it is time to make the ice cream base.  This was done in a food processor and I was skeptical about how it would work.  But it did work and it came out great!

ice cream in food processorThen it’s just a matter of layering the cheesecake pieces and the blueberry swirl into the ice cream.

side view

top view

Although making this ice cream is a little time consuming, it is definitely worth it!  And if you plan it out, it isn’t that bad.

ice cream in glass 2

And Matt was definitely happy to see that I made this for him.

ice cream in glass

This is a great summer ice cream to make, especially when the blueberries are in season.  And the ice cream did taste just like cheesecake!

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