Mini Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bundt Cakes

One of my favorite things about this time of year is the zucchini.  I love to cook and bake with it.  A few months ago  got a spiralizer and have a zucchini noodle dish at least once a week.  And then there are the numerous cakes, breads and cookies that you can make, like this one I am about to share.

side view

For our garden this year, we decided to add a couple of zucchini.  So when we picked the first one, I knew exactly what I wanted to make!


I happened to get a recipe for this Zucchini Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake by the blog Averie Cooks emailed to me that morning and zucchini was the only ingredient I needed.

shredded zucchini

And I finally got to use my mini bundt pan.

pre-baked cakes

However, I was afraid that the batter was going to rise too high.  I always have trouble judging how much batter to put in.

baked cakes in pan

It was close.  I was concerned about the edges burning but they all baked and released from the pan perfectly.  And the amount of batter was perfect to fill all six cavities of the pan.

cakes on cooling rack

So how do they taste?!  Amazing!  They are extremely moist and you can hardly taste the zucchini.  Using mini chocolate chips gives you just enough of that added sweetness.

single bundt cake

And making this recipe in a mini bundt pan helps with portion control.  They are also the perfect size to give as little gifts, which I love to do.  The original recipe calls for a chocolate ganache to be poured on top, but I opted not to do it.  While I’m sure it would taste amazing, I thought these were great as is.

cakes stacked

So far, I have had only 2 zucchini come from the garden.  I thought you were supposed to get a ton at once which makes it so hard to keep up with them?  I’m anxiously waiting for the next one because I will be making these again.  If you just can’t wait to give these a try, click here for the recipe!

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