Summer Berry Lemon Cake with White Chocolate Mousse Frosting

Just like every other holiday, I think I can make a ton of themed desserts.  This 4th of July was no exception as I wanted to bake a million red, white, and blue desserts and thought I would have the time do it.  Well, I only made two.  The first were the M&M Chocolate Chip Cookies.  And as I was flipping though my cookbooks I came across a Lemon Cake with White Chocolate Mousse Frosting from Dessert for Two.

2 layer cake 2

I went with this cake because I wanted something light and with citrus flavor.  It just seems appropriate for the 4th of July.  And I thought this was easy enough to create a red, white, and blue dessert from it.

The cake bakes as only one layer and covered in the mousse frosting.  Instead, I split the cake in half and filled it with half of the mousse frosting.  I then topped the frosting with blueberries and chopped strawberries.

first layer

I put the second half of the cake on and did the same thing on this layer – spread on the remaining half of the frosting and topped it with more blueberries and chopped strawberries.

2 layer cake

I think I whipped the cream too much because the frosting was a little too runny for my comfort level.  I was afraid that it would turn into a melty mess.  But I put it in the fridge for a few hours and it set up fine.

This cake was delicious.  The lemon flavor was just enough and it paired perfectly with the blueberries and strawberries.  Also, the white chocolate in the mousse flavor went great with the lemon and berry combination.

cake slice 1

And because this cake was only 6 inches, it was the perfect size for Matt and I.  I already have plenty of desserts in the house so a huge cake wasn’t necessary. I may have gone a little crazy this weekend.

cake slice 2

If you want to give this lemon cake a try, you can find the recipe here!  The filling and frosting are different from the book, but they look delicious!  I highly recommend this cake for a light, summer treat!

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