Chocolate Caramel Mason Jar Lid Tarts

Mason jar lids used as mini springform pans?  Who would have thought?!  Well it is a great idea and I had to try it.  I made this mini tarts from the cookbook Dessert for Two.  This recipe is also on the cover of the book, and making the cover picture is something new I am trying.


I am actually kind of embarrassed to proceed with the pictures.  Something went wrong when I was melting the chocolate.  As it melted, it wasn’t getting smooth, so I think it was beginning to seize up.  It remained the consistency of fudge starting to set.  This made it tough to spread into the crusts.  And because of that, I couldn’t swirl the salted caramel sauce in it.  Also, I think I may have made the crusts too thick because I had a ton of chocolate left over.

crusts with chocolate and caramel

I know, it doesn’t look very pretty.

crusts on plate

But I was very excited to see that the mason jar lids did work for me as mini spring form pans!  And a big dollop of homemade whipped cream makes everything look (and taste) better!

crusts with whipped cream

Despite how they look, the little tarts taste amazing.  It was like a large piece of fudge but with graham crackers.  So good. A fork isn’t even necessary.  They are small enough to pick up and eat in 3-4 bites!

These chocolate caramel tarts will definitely have to be a redo.  I want them to look just as good as they do on the cover of the book!  To see how mason jar lids are used, check out these Mini White Chocolate Raspberry Tarts and this video on how to make Mason Jar Lid Pies with pie crust!

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