Potato Chip Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookies

Potato chips are not something I usually buy.  They are just too good.  And don’t they go good with everything?!  I used to stick them in my tuna sandwiches.  And my mom likes to eat them when she has cake and ice cream.  Put them in a cookie?  Genius!  I had some chips left over from our little Memorial Day cookout so I thought this would be the perfect time to make the Potato Chip Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookie from the cookbook Sally’s Baking Addiction.  Bring on more of that wonderful salty and sweet combination.

mix ins

Look at that amazing combo of mix ins!

These cookies are on the larger side for size, about 3 tablespoons worth of dough each.  Nothing wrong with that.  The recipe directs you to shape the ball of cookie dough more tall than wide.

shaped cookie dough

This seemed weird to me.  I was worried the cookies wouldn’t bake even because they were a little big.  But there is a reason this instruction is in the recipe and it worked perfectly!

cookies on plate 2

The cookies not only baked evenly but I think the shape of the dough kept them from spreading out too much.

cookies stacked

The chocolate, toffee, and potato chips are a great balance of sweet and salty!  Just so good!

cookies on plate

Even though I got this recipe from her cookbook, you can find a very similar recipe here on the Sally’s Baking Addiction blog.

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