Date Night In #4

Date night #4’s theme is “wife’s pick for dinner and we cook it together.”  This is what Matt picked from his Date Night In jar.  I do make the menu for dinners every week so it is technically always my pick.  And I do about 98% of the cooking during the week.  But I came across this Rodeo Burger recipe by Julie’s Eats & Treats and really wanted to try it.  It is definitely more of an indulgence than what I would usually have for a dinner on a Sunday night, so I thought it would be perfect for a date night.

burger with bun on

The original recipe calls for a pretzel roll.  Any ideas where I can find them?  Other than making my own, I haven’t seen them anywhere.  So we used an onion roll instead.  Also, we used monterey jack cheese instead of American cheese.

burgers with bun slightly off

This burger was pretty incredible.  And it is so nice to be able to use the grill now that the weather is warming up!

Well we can’t have a date night without dessert!  For this night I made a coconut cream pie from the Dessert for Two cookbook.

coconut cream pie whole

It looks funny because the pie crust is covering one of the pie plate handles.  Drives me nuts.  I am not very good at trimming a crust and making the edges look nice.  Although I point this out, I am hoping the cream and toasted coconut distracts you from it.

coconut cream pie slice

This pie was so easy to make and was delicious!  I love recipes that seem complicated and involved but are really not.

So this date night was really no different than a Sunday night for us.  By the time the kids were in bed and dinner was ready, we were exhausted.  We ate in front of the TV and didn’t say much.  But dinner was great, there was a special dessert involved, and we were together (super corny, I know!), so you can’t go wrong!

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