Carrot Cake Roll

Cake rolls.  They don’t like me.  I want to like them because they look so cool and impressive.  They just never come out for me.  Only once I have had a successful cake roll that didn’t break or crack.  But I refuse to give up and keep trying.  Since I am in the Easter mood, I tried the carrot cake roll on Crazy for Crust.

cake roll swirl

I followed the recipe and directions exactly how it is written.

how sweet

When it came out of the oven, it rolled up great.  I let it cool for more than two hours, which I thought was more than enough time.  Until I began to unroll it.  I either didn’t dust the towel with enough confectioners’ sugar (I did find plenty all over the kitchen) or I didn’t let it cool long enough, because the cake stuck to the towel and cracked.  I still went with it and spread the cream cheese filling on it.

cake roll with cracks

After I rolled it back up I was afraid it was going to burst open, but luckily it didn’t!  I didn’t use all of the filling so I hid all the cracks by spreading it on top and added some chopped walnuts.

cake roll top view long

cake roll with slice

I was also disappointed that I couldn’t cut a clean slice.  It definitely does not look like the one that’s on Crazy for Crust.  Despite how it looks, this cake tastes great!  It reminds me of spring and the nice weather that’s around the corner…hopefully!  Stay tuned for a cake roll that will not break!

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