Cinnamon Rolls – A Small Batch

I find baking for breakfast just as fun as baking dessert.  I love to make muffins, scones, French toast bake, breads, anything like that.  And cinnamon rolls are no exception.

dough with filling 2

I have tried them from scratch once, and while they tasted really good, I think I could have done a better job.  So they remain on my bucket list.  When I came across this recipe by Dessert for Two, I was excited.  I knew these would allow me to make cinnamon rolls the morning I want to eat them.  So these can’t come off the list because yeast was not involved.  I am going to have to put aside a whole day to tackle that.  I was able to make and bake these in about a half an hour!

dough          dough with filling

Roll out the super soft dough, brush with melted butter, and spread the cinnamon-sugar mixture on top.

dough rolled up          dough cut

Roll the dough tight, seal the seams, and cut into four pieces.  I probably could have done a better job rolling up the dough.  I did have my little helper hanging over the dough so I was a little distracted.

And do you notice that I am making only four?  Besides no yeast, that is another great thing about this recipe from Dessert for Two!  I am not tempted to eat 3 or 4 because I had to share.  Of course when Matt saw how many I made, he asked where everyone else’s were.

dough in pan          dough in pan baked

These baked up really nice.  But look naked.  What is a cinnamon roll without frosting?!

rolls with finger pointingAs you can see, a certain 3 year old could hardly contain himself….

top view with frosting

These cinnamon rolls taste great.  The cream cheese icing melted slightly because I spread it on when they came right out of the oven.  Perfect.  Like I mentioned before, the dough is soft, not heavy at all.  And the cinnamon-sugar mixture turned hot and gooey – the best!

roll in half

If you want to make this breakfast treat and not have to make them from a can, try this recipe!  You won’t be sorry! 🙂

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