Gingerbread Roll Cake

Every Christmas, I come across so many beautiful desserts that I want to make.  There’s just not enough time, especially this year with one less week between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  However, when I saw this Gingerbread Roll Cake by Roxana’s Home Baking, I was determined to make it.  I think I read the recipe every day for two weeks until I got to make it.  I know, I’m crazy.

I was nervous while making this cake because it involved beating egg whites and folding the egg yolks and dry ingredients into it.  I didn’t want to ruin the egg whites.  And of course I used a bowl that was too small.

IMG_5150IMG_5151I mixed (or folded) the batter successfully!


IMG_5155The above photo is of the cake after I first rolled it to cool.  I was extremely excited at this point because there were no cracks.  It was time to fill the cake with cream, re-roll it, and top with more cream.


IMG_5168I am so excited that this came out!  The cake baked beautifully and there were no cracks while rolling the cake!

IMG_5171And of course, this cake tastes delicious.  There’s nothing better than homemade gingerbread cake!

IMG_5172Do you want to give this cake roll a try?  Click here for the recipe!


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