Blueberry Butter

I have had two big bags of blueberries in the freezer since July just waiting to be used.  When I talked about blueberry picking this year, I mentioned that I wanted to make blueberry butter.  Well Matt and I finally did.  I say both of us because he covered the canning portion.

I got the recipe from the book Food in Jars.  You can also find the recipe here on the Food in Jars blog as well.  Last summer, we made blueberry jam and got the recipe from the same site.

IMG_4624This couldn’t be any easier.  You do have to make sure you are available to check the crock pot and various points.  It could take up to eight hours to finish.  So start early in the morning and plan ahead!

Start by pureeing your blueberries.


IMG_4626Put the puree in a crock pot, and other than checking on the consistency and adding some additional ingredients, you pretty much wait.

IMG_4627It was getting close to 7 hours and we weren’t sure if the blueberry puree was getting thick enough but it was sticking to the spoon.  Because it was getting pretty late, we decided that it would have to do.  Also, a suggestion in the recipe is to puree it if you wish for a smoother butter.  I didn’t do this cause it seemed smooth enough.

So the canning process began.


IMG_4635The blueberry butter was put in 4 ounce mason jars.  This way there are more to give away.

There was one jar that didn’t seal properly so that became the tester.  I had it the next morning with my toast.

IMG_4645The blueberry butter came out perfect!  And I don’t regret not pureeing it.

IMG_4644I thought the consistency was smooth enough and not too chunky.  Also, It wasn’t too watery and spread like it should, just like butter.


This not only makes a great spread, but I am sure it would  make a great ingredient for baking.  I will have to brain storm and see what I can use it for!  With the holidays right around the corner, this will also make a great gift.  That’s what so great about canning.  It’s not only inexpensive, but you are giving a homemade gift.  What could be better than receiving something homemade???

PS – I had the pleasure of meeting the author of Food and Jars, Marisa McClellan, last December at the Eat Boutique Boston Holiday Market.


She was very nice and I can’t get over how talented she is to come up with all these amazing canning recipes!  If you have a garden or enjoy going fruit picking, you should check out this blog and book!


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