Key Lime Pie

It is not often that I will get a special request for a dessert.  Except for Key Lime Pie.  Matt and I recently celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary and since he has recently mentioned this pie a few times, I thought I would make it for him.

This Key Lime Pie recipe is from the King Arthur Flour Baker’s Companion Cookbook.  I first made it last summer and briefly mentioned it here.  Making this pie is incredibly easy and makes a great summer dessert!  And you don’t necessarily need key limes.  I used the juice of regular limes.

This pie is almost a no-bake pie.  It has a vanilla wafer crust that briefly bakes so it can set.


Once the crust is cool, pour in the pie filling and allow it to set for several hours.


And then of course, you need to top it off with fresh whipped cream.


The first time I made this I used coconut extract in the fresh whipped cream.  It complimented the lime wonderfully.  Vanilla extract is still tasty if that is all you have.  That’s what I used this time around.


Since Labor Day is sadly already here, this is the perfect dessert to wrap up summer!

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