Summer Berry Crumble Bars

I am trying to use my cookbooks more.  If you saw my bookshelf, you might say I have a slight obsession.  My husband can confirm this.  But I will save this story for another day.  I recently wanted to make a couple of desserts so rather than searching Pinterest, which is always my go to, I broke open the King Arthur Flour Cookie Companion.

I had a 25th anniversary party for my aunt and uncle so I made some delicious raspberry crumb bars.  I wish I was able to make this with freshly picked raspberries.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it this season.  Even though it’s not the same, I had a bag of frozen raspberries that I needed to use so it worked out!  This recipe also gives the option for using blueberries so you can use what you prefer!

Bake a crust and add the raspberry topping…


What is great about this recipe is the crumb topping is the same as the crust.  It saves you from doing an extra step.


What’s one of the best parts of these bars?  The glaze that is poured on the top when it comes out of the oven.  Because the pan is warm the glaze just seeps right through the topping.



Even though I am sad to say that summer is almost over, this is a great dessert to share with a large group.  Labor Day cookout perhaps?


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