Blueberry Picking 2013

I love berry picking season.  It is a great way to enjoy the nice weather and get outside with the family.


And there is nothing better than using the freshest berries in recipes or just eating them as is.  And what is even better is making something with the berries and saying, “Oh yeah, this was made with the berries I picked myself.”

So far this year, I have done strawberry picking and blueberry picking.  You can read about strawberry picking here.  For the blueberries, we went to Turkey Hill Farm for the second year in a row.


Last year when we went blueberry picking, it was a little late in the season, but we hit it just right this year and the selection was absolutely fantastic.




We only got 8 pounds :).


And what is to be done with all of these blueberries???  Last year Matt made blueberry jam with all of the blueberries we picked.  While I am sure that will be done again, I want to give blueberry butter a try.  This is a recipe from the book Food in Jars.  It can also be found here on the blog of the same name.  I hope to get to it this weekend so I will be sure to let you know how it turns out!

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