Father’s Day 2013

I love the weekends. I love the weekends because I get to have my little family together for at least a whole day to go out and do something fun. There’s no rushing around at night making dinner, getting ready for the next day, trying to squeeze in cleaning, etc. Of course this past Sunday was Father’s Day so it was extra special.

Always looking for an excuse to try a new recipe, I wanted to make Matt a special breakfast to celebrate his second Father’s Day. I came across this great recipe for banana bacon pancakes from Bake at 350.

You can’t go wrong with bananas and bacon in pancake form.  And of course the house smelled amazing!

IMG_3871        IMG_3870

I have to say they were definitely a hit!


Strawberry picking was next on our to-do list.  I have been blueberry, raspberry, peach, plum, and apple picking.  But I had never picked strawberries so I was excited Matt wanted to go on his day. We went to Rogers Spring Hill Garden Center.

IMG_3885       IMG_3884

It was the perfect day to do this.  There was a nice breeze and it was slightly overcast so it wasn’t wicked hot.

IMG_3875      IMG_3883

I was so happy that Luke had a great time.  He took his job of picking strawberries and putting them in the containers very seriously.

IMG_3879     IMG_3874     IMG_3876

I am looking for some great recipes to make with all of the strawberries we picked. I will definitely be making a strawberry lemonade and maybe make a strawberry jam.

We wrapped up an amazing day out with lunch at The Chicken Connection.  This was our first time here and it is definitely our new place!  I wish everyone could experience how great it is!

I will keep you posted on what becomes of the strawberries :).

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