Grapefruit Souffle Pudding

The Sundays with Joy schedule has been throwing some major curve balls at me lately. Just like the coffee bacon, I was skeptical about making this dessert. I have never had a grapefruit. I know, it sounds crazy right? I’ve never had a desire to try one. But there is a first for everything! And this is only one of the two hesitations about the recipe grapefruit soufflé pudding.

The last time I tried a recipe similar to a soufflé, it was a disaster. The top just burned and the inside didn’t cook. It was nasty with uncooked eggs and stuff and I have avoided trying it again. However, being that this is the current Sundays with Joy recipe, I had to give it a go. But, between the grapefruit and the water bath, I had little confidence.
Look how great that looks! I was pleasantly surprised at how good these turned out!
And they taste great too! The grapefruit flavor isn’t too strong or tart.  It is subtle and the soufflé has a just enough sweetness to it.  I love how as it baked, it turned into a two layer dessert with a spongy like cake on top and pudding on the bottom. How did it do that?!  This is a nice light and airy dessert that is perfect for the spring and summer season.  Although I had this grapefruit dessert, I still haven’t actually had a grapefruit by itself.  I am going to have to now!

If you want the recipe, I highly recommend getting the Joy the Baker Cookbook and check out her blog too!

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