A Night At Finale Desserterie and Bakery

A sit-down restaurant that serves just dessert? Yes, it exists. Thanks to the wonderful Groupon, my friend Lea Ann and I enjoyed a much overdue night of catching up. And eating dessert made it just a tad better. This all took place at Finale Desserterie and Bakery in Boston. (They do have a location in Cambridge as well.)

Finale is not a large place. However, I did not think it felt crowded. When you walk in, there is a bar and a bakery case to the left. To the right and back is the restaurant area with tables. It is a nice cozy setting; perfect for a relaxing Friday night.

As part of the Groupon, we enjoyed a four-course dessert tasting. The first course was chocolate covered strawberries.
I am not a huge strawberry fan. I like the flavor, but not the actual strawberry. I know it’s weird. But I still ate them and glad I did. These were delicious! The strawberries were very juicy and the chocolate was nice and rich.  And of course everything tastes better with chocolate on it.

The next course was a sampling of Boston cream pie and manjari mousse with a blackberry sorbet.

IMG_2588       IMG_2589
Both were winners!

The third course was lemon sorbet. I assume the purpose of this is to cleanse the palate. It was refreshing and did help break up the heaviness of the chocolate.


We finished off the sampling with a chocolate molten cake and peanut butter molten cake. Although all the desserts were delicious, these two were by far my favorite, especially the peanut butter.

IMG_2591       IMG_2592
When you break into the cake, the sauce in the middle just pours out. So warm, gooey, and yummy!


I also enjoyed one of the best cups of hot cocoa I have ever had.

IMG_2586       IMG_2587
I apologize for the dark pictures.  The lighting inside was dim!

Although the samples appear small, they are very filling.  With that much dessert, the size of the desserts are the perfect size.  And please check out the menu at the Finale website for a full description on each one!

If you are looking for something different to do, I would definitely recommend Finale Desserterie and Bakery. It is a great way to catch up with friends or have a date night and enjoy nothing but dessert!

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