Pumpkin Cookie Cake with Caramel (Pieces)

I have been dying to use the homemade pumpkin puree I made back in September.

And since I love using my cast-iron skillet, I knew that making the One-Skillet Gooey Pumpkin Cookie Cake by Willow Bird Baking would be a perfect way to use both!

This recipe is super easy!  Combine your dry ingredients in one bowl.  Start the wet ingredients in the skillet.  Add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients in the skillet and that is pretty much it!


The recipe calls for dollops of caramel or caramel pieces to be placed on top of the batter.  Before putting it in the oven, I scattered caramel pieces on top.

This cake is so delicious!  And I think using homemade pumpkin puree makes a huge difference.  The only thing I wasn’t happy about is the caramel pieces didn’t completely melt like I thought they would.  Because it is lacking the gooeyness I wish it had, a proper title for this would be Pumpkin Cookie Cake with Caramel Pieces.  But hey, caramel is caramel and it is still delicious :).


All it needs is some vanilla ice cream or fresh whipped cream on top!  I didn’t have either on hand but it still tastes amazing without it!  Don’t forget, you can find this wonderfully easy and delicious recipe here!

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