Chocolate Truffle Making

I am not one for going out during the week because I go to bed so early.  However, there are always exceptions.  And one is going to a chocolate truffle making class.  The class was done at Chocolee Chocolates in Boston and I found it through a Living Social deal.  I bought it way back in June so I was very excited that time to go had finally arrived!

picture from Google images

My friend Andrea and I went together to this 2 hour-long class.  The owner/instructor gave a brief lecture on truffle making where I learned a lot.  I have made truffles before but knowing the few tips she gave is going to make future ones so much better.  For example, I didn’t know that the amount of heavy cream you add to the chocolate determines how soft the truffle will be.  I have always done equal heavy cream and chocolate but I am going to play around with that now.  Another thing I learned is how to add flavorings and alcohol to the truffle recipe.  If you have a flavoring extract, always add it to the cream and scald them together.  If you are adding alcohol, do half alcohol and half cream.  So if you were to do a cup of heavy cream, make it ½ cup alcohol and ½ cup heavy cream.  And because alcohol will keep the chocolate soft, you want to add about ¼ pound more of chocolate to make up for that.  I would love to try a Baily’s chocolate truffle!

How the class was set up was there were different stations.  One was chopping up the chocolate and scalding the heavy cream.  There were trays of ganache already chilled so you could scoop and roll the truffles.  Then there was station to dip the truffles into coating chocolate.  Andrea and I scooped and rolled, then dipped.  I am not confident in my chopping skills so I chose to stay away from that station.  It was just better for everyone.

And of course we had to taste test as we went along.  Just to make sure we were scooping and rolling properly.  It was encouraged.


As you can see, things got a little messy.  My hands were a mess and chocolate seemed to be everywhere.  That’s ok.  Messes are nothing new to me!  Just ask my husband.


Look at that wonderful box of truffles!  They tasted amazing.  Notice how I say tasted…because they took just a few days to be eaten.  I think my favorite were the ones rolled in powdered sugar.

And Andrea and I met a wonderful mother and daughter that we struck up conversation with.  We exchanged information and Diana, the daughter of the duo, has a blog called The Baking Bargainista that you should check out!  And of course, please check out Andrea’s awesome blog Be Healthy Be Happy Be Local on how to live a healthy happy life!

If you live in the Boston area and you have the opportunity to take this class, I highly recommend it.  It’s a great night out and you learn a lot of good information.  I am looking forward to making truffles and experimenting with all sorts of flavors, coatings, and garnishes.  I think they would make a great little Christmas gift :).

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