Food Truck Festival of New England

The day finally came…The Food Truck Festival of New England!  This is my birthday present so I have been waiting since July to go.  I guess that’s not too long to wait, but still.  Matt and I had such a great day.  And the festival was at Suffolk Downs which I had never been to so that was pretty cool.  We got to watch the horse races while eating.

How the festival works is you buy tickets ahead of time, either online or at the door.  So each food item cost a certain amount of tickets.  When we first got in, we took a walk around and checked out all of the trucks and read the menus.  Of course I had my heart set on going to all of the dessert trucks.  But our plan was “lunch” first then “dessert.”

To start, I got a bbq pulled chicken slider from Redbones BBQ.  Very good!

Matt got cold sesame ginger noodles from Mei Mei Street Kitchen.  I had a bite…tasty!

We then shared a frozen lemonade from Del’s Lemonade.  It was refreshing but we didn’t think it was anything special.

Next, I got a grilled cheese sandwich with Vermont cheddar cheese and tomato from Roxy’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese.  I loved this!

Catfish tacos with beans and slaw were Matt’s next choice.  This came from the truck Go Fish.  I did not have a bite, but Matt thought it was great.

An oatmeal cookie whoopie pie was my choice from The Whoo(pie) Wagon.  This reminded me of the oatmeal cookie sandwich from Little Debbie.

Matt tried falafel in pita from The Chubby Chickpea.  The pita bread was so thick and fresh and everything inside was so good.  I think this was Matt’s favorite.

The last thing, which we shared, was an oatmeal raisin cookie ice cream sandwich from The Cookie Monstah.  The ice cream was apple pie.  This thing was huge, and delicious!  I think this was my favorite of the whole day.

We did go to a food truck, which I don’t know the name of, just to get a couple of sodas.  By the way the lady slammed them on the table, I don’t think she liked the fact we didn’t get any food.  Oh well!

I was a little bummed that there weren’t any cupcake trucks.  And there were a couple of trucks I wanted to go to but didn’t make it, such as Frozen Hoagies, another ice cream sandwich truck, and Paris Creperie’s La Tour Eiffel.  It’s ok though, I think I definitely had enough at that point.

Do you watch The Great Food Truck Race on Food Network?  I do and love it.  Between that show and today, I want a food truck.  And Matt can drive it for me :).

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