Apple and Banana Cake with Vanilla Caramel Glaze

I am still on the banana bread kick.  I couldn’t wait to make this Spiced Apple Banana Bundt Cake with Vanilla Caramel Glaze from no other than Averie Cooks.  So I guess it’s not really a bread like the previous ones I have made, but that’s ok!  This recipe is no different from the others in that it is so easy to put together.  One of my favorite parts of this cake is all of the spices that go into it.  It’s a wonderful combination of all the great fall/winter flavors, including ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, ground cloves, and pumpkin pie spice.  I loved the smell when I combined them all.  And then there are the pieces of apple that you can see in the batter.  I used a Cortland apple for this.  You can find the recipe for this great recipe here!

This cake looked great when I took it out.  I love how you can see the fruit in it.  But it wouldn’t be complete without a delicious glaze on top.

This Vanilla Caramel Glaze is very quick to make.  In the recipe, Averie says you have to move fast, and she was right.  It all comes together quickly so don’t walk away or get distracted.  I played around with the amount of milk and confectioners’ sugar that I put in it to get the right consistency.  I wanted it to be thick yet pourable.

To get the glaze on the cake like I did, I just poured directly from the pan, moving it back and forth as I went around it.

I had the previous banana breads as breakfast but this is definitly a dessert, and there is nothing wrong with that!  I hope you give this cake a try and don’t forget about all of the other great banana bread recipes part of the Banana Fest on Averie Cooks!

5 thoughts on “Apple and Banana Cake with Vanilla Caramel Glaze

  1. Omg seeing your cake makes me want to make another one! Lol

    It looks GORGEOUS – you did a great job and to my knowledge, you’re the first and only person who’s made it so far and I appreciate it! Thanks for blogging about it & linking up, too!

    The glaze is a little tricky, you’re right, about the consistency. Not tricky but just…well, you know what I mean. You have to play with it a hair but looks like you nailed it! And I want to run my finger thru your cake 🙂

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