Apple Pie Crostadas

September 1st…the unofficial start to Fall.  So it is only appropriate that this week’s Sundays with Joy recipe is Apple Pie Crostadas, which I did make on the 1st.  This was my first time making crostadas so I really didn’t know what was involved or what it would even look like.  I found this recipe easy to make, but very time-consuming.  It took me about 2 ½ hours from start to finish.  Luckily we had a great morning and early afternoon at the beach so Luke took an awesome nap.

For the crostadas, you have to make the topping, make the dough, make the filling, put it all together, and bake.  So there are a lot of steps.  And we all know how making dough goes for me.  Not good.  But I must say, putting in the time for this recipe is worth it!  And the dough came out great!

Check out my awesome apple peeler/corer/slicer.  If you use a lot of apples for baking, I highly recommend this.  It saves a ton of time!  I got mine at the Christmas Tree Shop for only 8 bucks.  Go get one!

After I filled all the dough, I had a little less than half of my apples left over.

I’m sure I could have filled them more, but I was afraid they would split open or not hold together.  Maybe if I cut them up smaller I could have fit more on the dough.  Even though I had all those apples left, I thought they still had plenty of apples in them.  Now I know for next time!

These Apple Pie Crostadas are like fun, tiny handheld pies with the crust acting like a little package holding the delicious apple filling.  Put some vanilla ice cream on top of warm crostada, and you are in business.  I would not recommend eating it like a handheld pie once you put ice cream on top.


I was so happy that I was able to share the Apple Pie Crostadas with our friends Al and Andrea.  After they cooked Matt and I a delicious dinner of chicken, ribs, and corn on the cob on the grill, we sat around a fire enjoying the cool night and this dessert.  Great way to end a great day.

And don’t forget…you can find this recipe and all the Sundays with Joy recipes in the Joy the Baker Cookbook!


2 thoughts on “Apple Pie Crostadas

  1. Your Apple Pie Crostadas were AMAZING Cassie! Al and I both LOVED them! You are such a talented baker!! So glad you guys came over – we had a blast – lets do it again soon! 🙂

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