Flour Bakery VS Cassie’s Kitchen

A couple of weeks ago I talked about my trip to Flour Bakery in Boston.  And I told you I was going to make a couple of desserts from the bakery that are in the Flour Cookbook.  Well I finally got the chance to make the peanut butter cookies.

They came out good.  Really really good.  And really really big!  I knew they were going to be big since I used an ice cream scoop but I have never made cookies that size.  It took a little longer than usual to bake these cookies because I could fit only 6 on my baking sheet. Next time I will do 4 so they don’t touch and just be prepared to spend 3 hours on them.  I really need one of those double ovens and that would solve all of my problems.

So here’s how the cookies compare…

Hmmm…interesting difference in color.

My peanut butter cookies came out so good that I think I like them better than the cookie I got at the bakery.  However, it could be because of a couple of things, such as when the bakery actually made them and how fresh they were and how long they actually baked.  Mine was a little chewy and soft.  I thought the bakery’s cookie was a little too crispy.  But, in both is chunky peanut butter which I really like!  I have always made cookies with smooth peanut butter so I liked how the chunky pb gave a little crunch.

Next recipe battle between Flour Bakery and Cassie is the chocolate cupcakes.  I will let you know how it turns out!


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