My Coffee Addiction

About two weeks ago I told myself I was going to quit drinking coffee.  I think I had a mini panic attack laying in bed the morning I was supposed to start.  So then I told myself I would slowly decrease my coffee intake until no more.  I think I have done this, a little.  I definitely don’t stop at Dunkin Donuts as much as I used to.  Since being home for the summer, my daily routine has changed, and that includes drinking more coffee.  I’m afraid that I will still drink this amount when I return to school (“sigh”) next week so I have to do something.  So what would I like to talk about today?  Iced coffee!

I do make my own iced coffee at home.  I brew a pot and put it in the fridge.  But this week I downloaded the cookbook The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food From My Frontier by Lee Drummond, who also has a blog/website and a show on the Food Network.  Lee Drummond lives on a ranch and I want to live there too.  And we can bake together.  If you check out her website or watch her shows, you can see what it looks like.  It must be absolutely amazing to live in a place like that!  (By the way, if interested, it was only $3.99 on Ibooks and has recipes for every meal…definitely worth it!)  Ok, the coffee.  In this book is an iced coffee recipe that I had to try.  This recipe is to make it a coffee concentrate.  Interesting.  It is very simple to do so I gave it a shot.  Although I got the recipe from my book, I also found it here.

Back to the quitting of drinking so much coffee for a second.  I made this batch of iced coffee decaf to help me decrease my need for the caffeine.  We will see how it goes.

The original recipe calls for one pound of coffee and 8 quarts of water.  Since I am the only one who drinks the iced coffee and because I don’t have a container that big, I cut the recipe in half.  The containers I have to do this recipe were just big enough.  I’m also glad I cut this in half because that’s a ton of iced coffee to finish before winter hits if I am trying to cut down.

Iced Coffee (my version)

Source/adapted from: The Pioneer Woman

You will need:

  • ½ lb ground coffee (I used Chock Full o’Nuts Decaf)
  • 4 quarts cold water
  • 2 really large containers (that hold a little more than 4 quarts) – 1 for the coffee and water to steep in and 1 to store the coffee in
  • Cheese cloth
  • Fine mesh strainer

Put the coffee into a large container.  Pour the cold water into the container with the coffee.  Stir it to make sure that all the coffee gets wet.  Cover it and allow it to steep for 6-12 hours.  (I think I did mine for about 8.  I was impatient).

Next, put the strainer on top of the container you will store the coffee in.  Put a piece of cheese cloth on top of the strainer.  Pour the coffee through the strainer.  When you are done pouring, use a spoon or spatula to push any additional liquid out of the coffee grinds.  Throw away the cheese cloth.

When the coffee is nice and cold, prepare it however you like!  One thing I found very interesting in the book was using condensed milk in the iced coffee.  This sounded really good so I gave it a shot along with my Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss Vanilla.  I usually always have to have my coffee flavored somehow.  Or as Matt puts it, to make it so it doesn’t actually taste like coffee.  So then, I put in about 2 tablespoons of the condensed milk (fat-free because that makes me feel better).  I liked it.  But I like it more as a treat.  The best word I can use to describe it is “heavy.”  And I am not sure how I can describe the taste.  It is definitely a sweetener but I thought it took away from the vanilla flavor.  Maybe I should have put in more vanilla then.  Anyway, I think condensed milk in iced coffee is good to have once in a while, not every day (or 2-3 times a day).

What’s great about making your own iced coffee at home is you know exactly how it is going to taste every time you get it.  Not to mention it will save you tons of money!  I hope after reading this you will want to give it a try and make your own!

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