Pink or Blue?!

I don’t know how anyone can wait until their baby is born to know what the gender is.  Matt and I could not wait to find out if we were having a boy or a girl.  We were both convinced it was a girl, but was pleasantly surprised to find out we were having a boy.  So I don’t know how parents can pass along the secret to someone else and wait to open a cake.  The suspense would kill me!

So I was so excited to be asked to make a gender reveal cake.  What a great thing to be a part of.  I have already done a few cakes/cupcakes for Michelle.



Michelle told me to have fun with the cake, which I love.  I did a vanilla cake and dyed the batter to reveal the gender.  I was so nervous that a crumb would show up somewhere or the cake could somehow be seen through the buttercream.  So I loaded that baby up with lots of frosting to hide any evidence of the gender.  For the design, I decided to keep this cake simple with fondant pink and blue buttons.  I also did pink and blue cupcakes to go with it.

Oh, and remember when I told you how I filled the house with smoke and set all of the alarms off? Well this is better.

See that?  Yup, frosting on the ceiling.  While I thought it was hilarious, Matt was not amused.  I don’t know how I do this stuff.

Anyway, I bet you are dying to know if it is a boy or girl!  Take a look at the pictures for the big reveal.


Yay!  Another little girl.  That cute little redhead Payton is going to be a big sister!

Thanks for checking out this fun cake!


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