Coconuts, Limes, and a 5K

In addition to baking, I love cake decorating. I am constantly trying new ideas or look at other cakes for inspiration. Her are some of the more recent cakes/cupcakes I have done –


Last week I was looking at some blogs online and I came across these really cute cakes on When Luke was down for a nap, this is what I did –


What do you think it looks like??? A coconut, right?!

When Matt came home, he didn’t really see the coconut until I said something. I did not like this. I think it came out pretty good! What is even better is I cut out the middle of the cake and filled it with buttercream…yum!

Now to the 5K.  This does not have anything to do with baking, but it leads to a pie that I made for that night.  One of my goals for this year was to run in a 5K.  This weekend, I accomplished that goal!  I was so proud of myself to finish my first race without walking at all!  Now I plan on doing at least 2 more in the upcoming months.


The girl in the blue is Andrea.  We met because her husband Al works with Matt at Old Dominion and we have all become friends.  She is a runner and gave me so much encouragement before the race and as I neared the end. There was also 2 others who ran a race for the first time! Andrea has a great blog called  She creates recipes using only the freshest ingredients.  You have to check it out!

Now on to the pie.  Matt and I had Andrea and Al over for dinner the night of the race.

   Luke had fun!!!

For dessert, I made a Key Lime Pie with fresh whipped cream using a recipe from the King Arthur Flour Baker’s Companion Cookbook.  It was extremely easy to make and it came out so good!


That sums up my weekend!  See you soon!!


6 thoughts on “Coconuts, Limes, and a 5K

  1. Cassie, so excited you are baking and cake decorating again! Everthing you posted looks delicious. I’ll definately make the key lime pie as it’s Keith’s favorite 🙂 When we last met you told me your plans to run a 5K – such a great feeling – watch out… could be addicting. Love your blog… look foward to more.

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